Chinese medicine (acupuncture+herbal medicine) and counselling are two main modalities we use to help you with chronic conditions involving both physiological and psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, pain, stress related disorders, sleep disorders, digestive problems, chronic fatigue and more. The integrated body-mind approach intends to facilitate improvement of both physical and mental health.


Acupuncture — the insertion of needles into your energy meridians — is the foundation of Chinese Medicine. Learn more…

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Just as acupuncture is a gentler body intervention than surgery, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a gentler intervention than drugs. Learn more…


Counselling has been shown to be effective for a wide variety of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, chronic health conditions, grief and loss, OCD, pain management, insomnia, trauma, addiction, life transition issues and relationship issues etc. By using evidence based therapy approaches, I work with you to re-discover your own strengths and inner wisdom, to fully accept yourself as a perfectly imperfect human being, to connect with what really matters to you, and provide you with tools and support you to move toward your valued life direction. Learn more…

Chinese Medicine and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy)

The principles of ACT (learn more) emphasize cultivating psychological flexibility to reduce suffering, to be unstuck from depression and anxiety and to move toward valued living. Acupuncture helps you to become more flexible by promoting the free flow of energy (Qi). According to Chinese Medicine, one’s physical health, emotional states and behaviours are all manifestations of the energy (Qi) flow. If you have a free flowing Qi, you are more able to be present, and handle situation based on what benefits in the moment rather than out of habitual knee-jerk reaction. When you have a balanced quality of Qi, you tend to feel a sense of “flow” in all aspects of your life — feeling content, purposeful and at ease. If the flow of the “Qi” is blocked, or the quality of the Qi is out of balance, problems in physical, mental-emotional and behavioural aspects arise. In a sense, ACT also helps life force to flow. One of the main causes of Qi blockage is unhelpful ways that people handle their own internal experiences. Suppression, overreaction and rumination create blockages to the Qi flow. Mindfulness has been used over thousands years as a way to understand one’s mind, to cultivate awareness of one’s patterns that create suffering, and to facilitate free flow of Qi -an detached stance to the content of the mind and a flexible perspective of the world. ACT helps you to let go of the control agenda and have a different relationship with your mind, which helps prevent formation of Qi blockage.

Health Conditions

Conditions benefit from most from integrated approach of Chinese Medicine and Counselling:

Treatment Philosophy

I believe that deep down within each of us there is a wisdom that knows what is most important for your own healing and what your life will unfold to become. I also believe that it is totally human that we get disconnected from that wisdom, and we feel lost in life while struggling with pain and difficult situations. It is my mission to empower and guide you to connect with that wisdom and to facilitate your vital energy to move toward healing and your valued path. I am aware that striving to live a life with vitality is not an easy work, and I will offer my authentic presence as a guide and a fellow traveler on that journey.

I work closely with you to create a treatment program that is tailored to respect your unique situation and needs. I would like to invite you to engage with me in this task and to take personal responsibility for your own health. I strive to create an environment of warmth, trust, respect and cooperation, which allows for true healing and transformation to happen.

“I think that Dr. Judy is a healer in the truest sense. Her caring presence and commitment to my health and that of her clients inspires me and helps me to heal my condition.”

— Tahirih W.


I am dedicated to provide a safe environment for you at our center. Anything that we talk about during our sessions, any tests you take, and the results of those tests are kept in strict confidence. Only with your permission will any of the information be released to a third party. There are some exceptions to this confidentiality:

The followings are some rare exceptions in which we are legally obligated to share patient information without patient permission. In these cases I will make every effort to discuss the situation with you fully before we take any action.

  1. If we find out from you that you intend to harm yourself or others, we are obligated to take actions to protect your safety and safety the safety of others.
  2. If we suspect that there is abuse or neglect involving vulnerable populations such as children, elderly people and people with disabilities we are required to report to the appropriate government authorities or agencies.
  3. In some legal proceedings, if a subpoena is issued by the court requiring disclosure of clinical records, we are obliged to follow the order.
  4. If a client files a lawsuit or complaint against a counselor, the relevant information regarding the case will be released to defend the counselor.