Autumn, the Season of Letting Go

October 2008

Fall is the season of harvest and letting go. After a fruit has ripened on the tree, it falls to the ground. In Chinese Medicine, the season fall corresponds to the Lungs Organ System. The function of Lungs demonstrates to us the quintessential relationship of receiving and letting go. Can you imagine holding your breath for 10 minutes? It is this moment-to-moment letting go of the old and taking in the fresh allows us to be alive and to thrive. However, many of us hold onto the old for too long and we don’t see that it creates stress and starts to hurt us. On September 28th, I got married to the man to whom I knew I would want to marry at the second sight. It’s interesting for me to notice that even though in my heart I knew my choice a long time ago, my mind had been holding onto the idea that I could let go of my fears and marry him only after all the problems in our relationship were solved.

For a while, I was like a fruit struggling to hold onto the twig, waiting for the perfect weather to fall, wanting to make sure I fall onto the exact right spot, or even pondering if I could just ripen and stay on the twig. And at the same time I felt stressed and yearned for a sense of ease and peace. I finally decided to make the jump when I realized that by insisting on first solving all the relationship issues I was holding onto the problems and giving them more energy — which created more fear and doubt in my mind.

By holding onto the idea that I have to solve all the problems, I had made a new problem for myself! I don’t want my life to be on hold because of these fears and doubts. I want my life to unfold as it is; I want the harvest in fall, the quiet introspection in winter, fresh beginnings in spring and the exuberant growth and blossoming in summer!

How about you? Is there something you can’t let go of that has been creating stress for you? Perhaps you are having pain, headaches, or sleepless nights? Are you feeling down and anxious because of your fears, worries, and doubts? If so, let me ask you a question: are you ready to enjoy the harvest? Do you want a sense of peace, ease and joy in your life, right now?

Just take a deep breath (yes, right now). Take in the fresh and let go of the old.

In this issue of newsletter, you’ll find tips, exercises and stories to help you let go, let go of your mind’s desire of the certainty of the old and follow your heart’s moment-to-moment presence.