Nourishing Your Life

June 2009

In May, I finished a two year post graduate study of the inner tradition of Chinese Medicine with Lonny Jarrett, the author of “Nourishing Destiny — the Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine”. I am immensely grateful for all the teachings that I have received from him, which enables me to grow personally and to help you and your family and friends with more depth and effectiveness.

In the Chinese Medicine classic “Shen Nong Ben Cao”, medicines are categorized in three classes:

“The upper class of medicines govern the nourishment of destiny and correspond to heaven… If one wishes to prolong the years of life without aging, one should use these.

The middle class of medicines govern the nourishment of one’s nature and correspond to man… if one wishes to prevent illness and to supplement depletions and emaciations, one should use these.

The lower class of medicines govern the treatment of illness and correspond to earth. If one wishes to remove cold, heat and [other] evil influences [from the body], to break accumulations, and to cure illnesses, one should base one’s efforts on drugs listed in the lower class of this manual.

In an era where millions of people are taking anti-depressant and tranquilizers to help them cope with the stress of day-to-day life, millions of others are plagued by pain and stress brought by their chronic health conditions, and many more people struggle constantly with their existential angst, we are especially in need of a kind of medicine that not only helps people to ease or eliminate their illnesses, but also helps them to learn to stop perpetuate their own suffering. The inner tradition of the Chinese Medicine provides solutions that are concerned with the psycho-spiritual basis of illness. It offers deep wisdom and unique perspectives to help people to have an embodied understanding to their body-mind conditions, to find ease and peace amidst the seemingly confusing life circumstances.

In my practice, I offer medicines that are at three different levels. For example, imagine that you come to me for help with your anxiety. First, I find out that there are excessive amount of heat, phlegm that affect your Heart system, I use herbs and acupuncture points to help eliminate these pathological influences so that your body will become more balanced and symptoms will ease.

Second, we’ll explore together how to nourish your nature and prevent anxiety from returning. For example, from the diagnosis I may discover that you have a Fire constitution. This means that you have certain tendencies, challenges, lessons and life themes that are associated with the energetics of the Fire element. In order to nourish your nature, we need to balance your fire element so that you are not affected by the negative consequences of imbalanced Fire. Now when the Fire becomes out of balance, you may become a “control freak”. When you experience a sense of lack of control, your anxiety comes up. Fire imbalance can also manifest as difficulty with intimacy. You may open up very quickly and throw yourself into a relationship, and then when you notice something you don’t like, you may shut down or decide to cut off the relationship. If you are not flexible — if you always want to have what you want all the time — you can raise your expectation of life so high that every moment can be a let-down. How can you feel less anxious? I will work with you to balance your Fire energy with more Water energy by using certain acupuncture points and herbs. And more importantly, I also help you to cultivate an awareness of your constitution so that you will have an insight about your conditioning and will learn to let go of your identification with your conditioning. It is by changing our behavior that we start to change our conditioning. When your Fire element becomes balanced, your anxiety will no long become a problem because you know how to find the lasting peace and ease, which is always within you.

We often believe that we first have to fix or get rid of anxiety or depression, and that when we are feeling better we can do something about our life circumstances. However, we forget that anxiety and depression can also come from a lack of access to the authentic part of ourselves, a cut-off from our true purpose of life. The treatment at this stage will be to keep the energy of life force to flow freely so that you can re-establish that connection to your true purpose and start to live a life of fulfillment rather than incompletion. We want to explore how to unleash that authentic expression from deep within you so that you no longer let your anxiety dictate your actions.

I enjoy working with people this way because I want to share with others about what helps me to ease the suffering in the mind and find the ease and courage to live a fulfilling life. I love to see people become more aware of their own healing ability, more responsible with developing their tremendous potential. I love to see people taking action living their life fully to make the world a better place because of their presence. It’s just like watching sun rise or a flower blossom; I have a feeling of awe when I am part of this process of becoming. And I want to be a part of your awesome process of transformation.